About STEVEN: Steven is a mixologist from Corpus Christi TX. He joined the industry by accident. He was thrown onto the Bar one busy night and with a phone call to his bartender friend was taught the basics of bartending over the phone. That night he fell in love with making quality cocktails. Over the years he’s developed his mixology skills Managing for great bars along the Coastal Bend. Why Beach Whiskey: First and Foremost their Rep. Priscilla is the best I’ve ever spoken with. Not only did she come with a great product but she also had ideas on how to sell it and promote it. That’s a rarity in Reps these days. After tasting the Beach Coconut and Cinnamon Whiskey I already knew the Fun I was going to have experimenting with them. Beach whiskey is very smoothe and not only do you get that coconut or cinnamon taste you also get that nice whiskey flavor on the back end. With its unique flavor a clear color it was perfect for making great Beach Town tasty Whiskey Cocktails.   @????????   Beach Ball Ingredients: 1oz Beach Coconut Whiskey 1oz Beach Cinnamon Whiskey .5 oz Grenadine 2oz Orange juice 2 oz pineapple juice   Technique: Combine Beach Coconut and Cinnamon Whiskey in a shaker. Add Grenadine, Orange Juice, and Pineapple Juice. Finally add ice to Shaker. Shake drink and strain over fresh ice into a Hurricane Glass. Garnish with an Orange slice and a Maraschino Cherry .
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